An Animation Gem!

2012-11-13 00:50:12 by mohawkade

While browsing the interwebs, I came across this Gem made by Paul Johnson.


Besides that some News from my end.

For those of you who haven't seen it on the front page yet, my last animation, When Chuck Norris plays Slender, has raged on this site and is currently getting a fair share of views on YouTube as well. I've been humbled by the feedback I've been getting, and have even got a few shout outs from other artists (some with some really good work) here on NG looking to collaborate in the future.

Currently, I probably won't start or continue another animation until Mid-December, when the school semester ends. It's been pretty challenging to pump 2 animations out for Halloween while working Full-Time and going to school, don't plan on stopping that soon to do more animations, since my job pays for school; keeping tuition costs at a bare minimum.

Speaking of which, my other halloween animation, Da Thingus, not as popular as my other cartoon, but do give it a look if you fancy!

But for my next animation, I'm still stumped on what to do next, so I'll have you guys decide, so here's the list...

Facade of Doom - the alternate ending to the indie game Facade.
Pokeball Prototypes - how modern-functioning pokeballs came to be
Ghost in a Nutshell - a ghost in the shell parody, already have some bits of that animated to start!
Macgyver vs Jigsaw - Richard Dean Anderson and Tobin Bell faceoff in a game of wits, traps and gadgets, already have some bits animated to start!
The Life of Pie - a Life of Pi parody, see picture below for an idea.

As far as other content is concerned, I've made two silly, live-action videos recently, both made for a class I'm taking. (JTC 211, Computer Mediated Visual Communication). Please give them a look and tell me your thoughts!

Interview with a Minecraft Zombie

Wash yer Hands Kiddies!

And also in Art news, that last image I've made is one of my friend Jai Fraser, whom is best known for his Airsoft review channel and from ScouttheDoggie's videos. Felt inspired to make it as he enjoys the occasional Troll-lol-lol.

An Animation Gem!


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2012-11-13 02:56:46

Woah awesome!


2012-11-13 09:02:10

That animation was amazing.

Enraptured from the start.

Enjoyed your Slenderman flash, g'job xxx


2012-11-13 13:33:08

well shit that is a gem, didn't think something like that would be floatin about, great find!


2012-11-13 21:41:07

lol.. I didn't think it was that amazing... half the time only required parts of the body were moving while everything else stayed still. Looked weird

mohawkade responds:

Well given it's a recent animation giving a hat-tipping nod to 80's anime, one can appreciate the nostalgia of that....

...wait, did that make me sound like a hipster?

P.S. Though I'm not the biggest fan of stick-figure animations, I make the exception with your stuff. You do some awesome work!