Oney's Left 4 Speed 2 in 3D!

2013-07-20 16:24:16 by mohawkade

Hello Newgrounds, I missed your lovely faces.

Been fairly busy of late, but now I have something to show for it. Lately I've been playing around in Source Filmmaker and I've been having a blast with it. Upon further tinkering, I've found that I could import any other models and assets from any other Valve game...

So I decided to hone my 3D animation skills by recreating Oney's "Left 4 Speed 2" in Source Filmmaker. Certainly learned a lot from the experience and hope to use what I've learned in some original projects down-the-road.

I've submitted a 720p version to Newgrounds, which you can see here"

But if you wish to view the Stereoscopic 4k version, you can view it in the embedded video below.

I'm always accepting of constructive criticism from any other 3D animaters, if you have any tips or tricks to improve my animations, I'd love to hear them.

Stay Groovy, Stay Crazy, Stay Classy!

Oney's Left 4 Speed 2 in 3D!


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2013-07-20 17:13:33

Well that was entertaining


2013-07-20 17:18:31

Well done! :D


2013-07-20 18:41:21

Liked it alot. And amazing animation wich you never see in SFM.


2013-07-21 02:21:19

Aaaah I almost forgot all about this...!
Thanks for re-creating an old classic. :D


2013-07-21 08:46:29

Crazy awesome re-make dude! Loved it!