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This has got a pretty solid foundation & polishing on it, since you're taking feedback, here are some suggestions I have that (if feasible) could make this game legendary and keep players coming back again and again.

1) I think some more musical variety between day & night as well as a unique song for each unique location would be beneficial. Not to mention background ambient noise to complement each environment.

2) Mayhaps seeing some VAs to give voices to the different characters.

3) For each time the player works a Job or Career bit, see if it's possible to turn those into fun little mini-games (kinda like the date mini-game). Perhaps simple knock-offs of old arcade games; how well you play determines your final payout percentage.

4) And speaking of the Dating Mini-Game, it's pretty solid. But to add a degree of challenge, perhaps with each new level, add a new series of question/answers the player has to memorize as they advance.

5) Finally for every date success & end game proposal, perhaps have a quick tweened graphic of the two characters closing in for the kiss before fading to the "success" text, same goes for the end with a tweened graphic of Pico on his knee presenting the ring to the girl of his choice.

Just know that these are things I'd like to see out of this, but if you don't like these ideas or you don't think you can make it work out, I wouldn't be offended if you didn't consider them.

Otherwise, this is a stellar game so far. And I'd be ecstatic to see what the full version has to offer. And if you need a hand on polishing up some art, animation or sound mixing within the game, I'd gladly lend you guys a hand if you feel it's needed.

Was this perhaps inspired by the Short film of the same title by Triune Films (Ryan Connolly)

TalkSickGames responds:

We got to know about the short film when a NG dude said something about it! We were shocked and surprised to see the resemblance!

...do people really fap to MLP?

Kajio responds:

Erryday, mo'sakra

Programming and setup for this game are great! Artwork and choice of music could be a bit better, both of which I could help you out with if you want to do a redux of it....

Lenke responds:

Yes, maybe we can work together, someday, you know 31 October is getting closer and the people wants to scare (? XD!


A generic definition of a game is an interactive activity one or more people participate in strictly for pleasure or for friendly challenges. This does not satisfy the definition.

Reasonably Surprized

Me sorprendió bastante por la forma legítima de la programación de este juego fue.

Aunque carece de las campanas y silbidos, como animaciones de sonido y adicionales para el movimiento y en reposo, junto con un diseño de niveles más colorido y un juego más firme después de perder. Además de eso, buen trabajo!

Mucho mejor que en ningún otro documento por primera vez realizados y publicados aquí.


Though I can give some merit to the programming and since it's your first, I'll give you some credit.

Those are the only redeeming factors about this game.

This click and shoot could use some more programming touchups, such as sound effects, cross-hairs as your mouse pointer. Keying the gunblast animation when clicking and most importantly of all, A WAY TO LOSE the game. Otherwise this is nothing else than an interactive movie. Games are meant to be challenging activities, and I wouldn't qualify this under the definition.

avp2360fanpro responds:

ill keep that in mind thanks for the experienced comment it is my first one and i looked everywhere it is the first


This game would be the shit if it released for NES or Super Nintendo a few decades ago after the movie came out.

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