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I'm just another college student making his way in the world by making movies, to entertain others, I do a lot of gaming in my time and I'm also quite the artist in my spare time. Be sure to check out my portfolios while you're here!

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mohawkade's News

Posted by mohawkade - December 30th, 2015

Good Morning Newgrounds! Do I have something special for you today... Remember "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"? It's a Newgrounds classic that recently passed it's 10 year anniversary just last week! If you haven't seen it, get on that right now, but as soon as you come back, give this visual feast a taste. This is my interpurtation of Ultimate Showdown as a cinematic trailer, be sure to cast your votes and jot your comments on it after seeing it here:


Alternatively, this video does exist on YouTube in full 4K glory, for those of you who have screen resolutions large enough to enjoy all those details with. You can see that below.

Beyond that, another video is planned for a release in Feburary, however it is not an animation but rather an informative video; more details to be released soon. I will also be resuming classes and work with the start of the new year so my content will inevitably follow a sparce release schedule but I'll be cranking out some more comedic videos in the style of "#CLUBBING" and "Feral Furby in Heat" next year.

Also in February, MAGfest anyone?

Posted by mohawkade - November 29th, 2015

Hi everyone, sorry about the long hiatus. But I'm now able to enjoy the last of my fall break before resuming the remaining semester and work. But during my time off, I was able to get this monstrosity banged out for your viewing pleasure. It's my first 60fps render that I released, mainly out of the curiosity to see if the Newgrounds video player can handle High Framerate videos. (Spoilers: It can) Also my first attempt at creating something a little more light-humored and fluffy, not like the action packed, dark humored stuff I'm used to making.

You can see it by clicking on the link below:


Alternatively, a YouTube link does exist as well...



In other news, another animation is just around the corner. You can actually get a peek of it in the ending credits of this most recent video. It's all made solely for the purpose of eye candy.


And in other, other news: I will be shooting to attend MAGfest this year as many of my 3D Animations will be screened on MAGfest's Games on Film in the "Select Shorts in 3D" section. You can view the whole selection in the link below...


If you are attending MAGfest, come say "hi" if you find me. I'll likely be on duty staffing the event, so I won't be in Cosplay, but I may be kilted, like the rest of the security staff there.

Posted by mohawkade - April 23rd, 2015

Have a new short cartoon out, you should be seeing it on NG sometime in the-duh-distant-future.

It features a cameo from Sam Green Media near the end.


Also, this Saturday I'll be attending Pico Day at NG HQ, if you're going I hope to see ya there. If not, well there may be another livestream of the event this year. (Don't quote me on it though).


In the meanwhile, enjoy this gif from an abandoned project that piqued the interest of Michael Cthulu (the guy who makes those Big Giant Swords).


Pyramid Head impaling Slenderman


Posted by mohawkade - January 23rd, 2015

Holy CRAP!

Is all I have to say about this sudden surge of praise and NG fame. I am both shocked and humbled that my most recent animation cause this much of a stir within the Newgrounds community.

On the critical side of things, some of you did bring up the video's shortfalls and yes I agree those are certainly things I wish I could touch up on. But do understand that video was slighty rushed near the end as I was trying to get that project done before MAGfest, and speaking of which...

I am currently staffed at the Music and Gaming Festival at the Gaylord Convention Center (yeah, that's it's actual name) as some of the benefits of volunteering for MAGfest over 30 hours is free registration, and free hotel room as well as some free merch. If any of you guys are going to MAGfest I'd love to meet ya, you can identify me as the dude in the kilt, minimalist shoes, goatee and maybe a Newgrounds shirt. Oh and if you're also attending, MAGfest staff OPs are always looking for some extra help.

pic of me if you need to ID me

Oh, and I'll be at the Newgrounds Panel at 12pm, Sunday.

Posted by mohawkade - November 30th, 2014


Posted by mohawkade - November 21st, 2014

From the guys who brought you the "Rebuild of Evangellion" films, here's some of their latest work.

Fair warning, not-safe-for-work! Viewer may experience simultaneous emotions of "WTF Japan" & "Holy Shit! This Awesome"


This is a link to the project's site, as the video does contain nudity, it's quickly flagged down on YouTube.


Posted by mohawkade - October 22nd, 2014

Alphonse Elric feeds on Spleens!

Giant Bunny Devours Human Alive!


That's all I got in the meanwhile, sorry it's nothing substantial, but I seriously have something bigger and more serious in the works, for realzies.


Posted by mohawkade - September 14th, 2014

Hai fellow Newgrounders, got some updates to share with you!

Rin of Katawa Shoujo, Augmented, Deus Ex style

So aside some other animation project that you'll soon see in the not too distant future, I've been working on some animation tests to try my hand on Anime style characters for the first time in YEARS! In the gif above, I recreated the character Rin, from 4Chan's (4 Leaf Studios) visual novel: Katawa Shoujo (which I just read through for shits and giggles) with Deus Ex Augmentations (as the character originally doesn't have arms due to a birth defect).

Lilly of Katawa Shoujo with Retnal Enhancement Augmentation

In this example, depicts Lilly from the same visual novel, but with Deus Ex style Retnal Augmentations. These little tests may evolve into a full project, but I won't make that decision until I finish up a couple of things on my immediate pipeline. A preview of some one of my current projects is below.

Madness characters vs Castle Crashers


In Other News...

Been experimenting with making some of my own music that may or may not be used in some future projects, some are kinda silly/creepy, others a bit more serious. Either way, I'm getting pretty excited to branch out a tad more in audio production. Links to some of my new music can be found below, I would love your feedback on some of them!

Coffee Drinking Baby Eater - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/587187

Adagio in D Minor (with Choir) - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/587552

Posted by mohawkade - September 2nd, 2014

Hello newgrounders! Long time no see. Hope all is going well with you guys and that you all had a good Labor Day (at least for those of you in the US). Speaking of labor, made this little cartoon on the grudgingly slow days at work, and took the time on Labor Day to finalize and upload it for all to see!

You can view the Newgrounds version in 1080p at the link below:


But for those of you with 3D glasses and/or 4K displays, there's a 3D 4K version available as well!

Sorry for the CapsLock title, I'm not really yelling. Wub u bunches!


Posted by mohawkade - July 13th, 2014

Hi NG! It's been a while! Have something special for you, a little project that has been on the backburner for quite some time now. I'm finally happy to release it to all of you, you can find it in the link below.

Zaeed's Day Off


Alternatively you can watch the 3D 4K version on YouTube, if you don't have anything to emulate stereoscopy (i.e. 3D glasses) you can disable the 3D in the settings button.

Beyond that, have a couple of small projects on the horizon as soon as I finish Finals for the Summer semester and get a whole lot of catchup sleep. Have yourself a great day!