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I'm just another college student making his way in the world by making movies, to entertain others, I do a lot of gaming in my time and I'm also quite the artist in my spare time. Be sure to check out my portfolios while you're here!

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mohawkade's News

Posted by mohawkade - January 12th, 2011

Currently in the works of creating a Patapon Parody, due to be released on April 11th, the day prior to to the release of Patapon 3.

I won't give any more details but I hope the picture explains enough.

Patapon Parody

Posted by mohawkade - October 22nd, 2010

Just finalized and finished a new video which can be viewed by going here.

Needless to say, it's an informational video about PhysX cards and their current impact on modern gaming. It also goes through whether it's worth it to pick one up today or not.

Ever wondered about PhysX cards? Check it out for yourself! You can also find more info about PhysX and more at PhysXInfo.com.

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PhysX Cards (PPUs): Are They Still Worth It?

Posted by mohawkade - August 6th, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Just recently made a new animation for the Nvidia "Crank That S#!T UP" Contest and posted it up here, Youtube and on the Matrix of FiringSquad.com.

If you haven't heard about this contest, visit the "Crank That Shit Up!" Cluster Page to find out more. And while you're there, be sure to vote in on every submission entered for the contest.

Though it isn't a democracy there, the final decision on who wins the contest will be that of Nvidia and FiringSquad.com Staff, though the comments and votes do help with their decision.

Also be sure to view my other entry for the same contest, "Crank That PhysX UP"

If you want to enter the contest, there's still time, but you have to jump on it soon!

Nvidia Contest!

Posted by mohawkade - May 22nd, 2010

I've been on Hiatus as of late while in the midst of a couple of minor animation projects; One of which includes the Jigsaw vs Macgyver parody.

Mainly due to being on demand at a full-time job, and the fact that I'm currently working on an informational video about Ageia PhysX cards and whether or not people should still consider including them in their own Gaming Rigs. This video request is being sponsored by PhysXInfo.com, an informational website about the Nvidia PhysX Engine.

As soon as that's done though, I'll be able to resume animation, but in the meanwhile, hold on to your hats.

Animations on Hiatus

Posted by mohawkade - February 2nd, 2010

Due to popular vote between this site and various others, along with personal feedback, I've chosen to create a SAW parody, but this is no parody you've seen before.

No, this time, Jigsaw may have well met his greatest nemesis when he puts his games to the test against Macgyver!

But, this feature may be in the works for months as that majority of my time is spent at work in a new, full-time job. And in the free time I do have, if I were to choose between animating this feature or playing Mass Effect 2, I'd probably choose the latter of the two 60% of the time.

So please have patience, I give new updates as needed.

New Animation Announced and Delayed!

Posted by mohawkade - November 23rd, 2009

After the popularity and mixed reviews of Obiwan Makes a Pun, I got inspired to unleash my flash animating skills and put them to the test by unveiling on multiple projects at once with plenty more to follow!

First of which is a King of the Hill parody, hopefully compairable to Chris O'Neil's The Sicksons or Spongebob Sickpants.

Then we have a Legend of Zelda parody featuring a public service announcement from Planned Parenthood! Hurray!

After that, is a choice I leave to you! I have several other ideas floating around in my head that I want to get down in flash but, these next few ideas would require my full attention and may take months to complete!

The choices are as follows below...

1) A "Silent Hill 4" parody - a multimedia project that features live action acting in the real world, whereas dream-world is animated. A storyboard is already drawn up!

2) A "SAW" parody - this may be the least time consuming project as it is all animated and features Jigsaw vs. an 80's TV show character, I do not wish to unveil too much but I can tell you that it may be Jigsaw's worst nemesis yet!

3) A small "Cellfactor" animated feature - based upon the infamous PhysX intensive game for PC, this would be a fully animated, serious episode featuring a unique storyline following a young woman who later becomes the first "Bishop". This would be the longest, most detailed, and most time consuming project.

4) MGS, Snake vs 007, James Bond!

Please leave your comments on your preferred vote! The first place winner will be first to be started upon, 2nd place winner will get started after the completing the first, and so on! Thanks a lot for your input and support and please vote on your favored project!

P.S. For those of you who saw Awesomeball Z here on newgrounds, you can also find it on youtube in High-Def. Just click on the link below...

Awesomeball Z!

Vote on your next Animated Treat!

Posted by mohawkade - October 12th, 2009

I'm currently underway to make another nerdy parody, this time I'm turning my attention to the 3rd episode of Star Wars, specifically poking fun, and dare I say, a few puns towards the relationship between Obi Wan and Anakin. I can't say much but it does involv

And after that, perhaps a Saw parody, because I'm getting a little sick of all these Saw movies, they're just beating the dead horse with that concept, though I will say this would be a Saw movie you would want to see, considering that there is only one character whom Jigsaw wouldn't stand a chance against!

No, it's not Chuck Norris but that would still be entertaining.

New Parodies on the way!

Posted by mohawkade - September 14th, 2009

Finally after going through everything that could possibly go wrong in making a new flash animation, I've finally posted up my latest short movie! My parody of Dragonball Z!

I call it Awesomeball Z!! Originally I was going to call it Dragonball Puke, but I figured it would sound a little better if I added awesome in the title... mainly because I'm hopping on the bandwagon here and naming my movie "awesome" just to get the attention on par with egoraptor's movies and a few of the other quotable awesome-titled parodies everyone else has made.

This can also be seen on youtube in High Def, so there you can catch some of the small details you've been missing out on.

So be sure to check it out while you're here! I'm getting a few ideas for my next flash work. And while you're at it. Check out another piece I've made recently on youtube: The Great UAC Chainsaw Fight, a little Doom 3 parody that really points and laughs at the super intelligent AI that game has.

It's Done!

Posted by mohawkade - August 21st, 2009

I'm in the midst of creating a Dragonball Z parody... with movie and video game references! Ha ha ha! I am currently animating the last couple of scenes and touching up on everything with the right sound effects and visual effects.

The initial flash movie itself will be posted here at a standard resolution, but since I am mastering this animation in Hi-Def, you can also view the full 1080i resolution movie on youtube as well. Though the master copy will not only be in Hi-Def but in full 5.1 Surround Sound as well. Though I don't imagine anyone would be strongly interested in buying a DVD of it anytime soon.

I should have it out within the next two weeks or so, otherwise, you can kick me in the head for not releasing it sooner.

New Movie Coming Soon!

Posted by mohawkade - March 6th, 2009

So I've decided to bite my tongue and join the newgrounds community and see how things work around here. Just submitted a couple of short movies here, but they're nothing too special. I'm currently in work of a new, much longer and entirely random movie, give it a few weeks or so.

And, I'll have a few more movies planned for the future. Be sure to comment them honestly, if you think I need to work out a few things, be sure to say so! Hell, post a link to a great flash tutorial on here or youtube or something!

Speaking of youtube, if you grow bored of my stuff. Go check out my youtube page at:


Most of the stuff on there is more Live Action than animated, be sure to check it out and leave comments! Thanks!