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I'm just another college student making his way in the world by making movies, to entertain others, I do a lot of gaming in my time and I'm also quite the artist in my spare time. Be sure to check out my portfolios while you're here!

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mohawkade's News

Posted by mohawkade - June 7th, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to show you, after a year's work. My most focused animation yet!

The Revisioning of Escaflowne


Rate it and comment, and let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Posted by mohawkade - April 21st, 2012

Like the title suggests, I just finished one of 4 new animations I'm currently working on.

Love Triangles: Chick Flicks

You can see it here at the link below...


...or on YouTube in the embedded link...

Beyond that, stay tuned for more content coming soon... Sooner than you think!

New Animation!  ...it's a Twilight parody.

Posted by mohawkade - March 12th, 2012

Granted there are thousands of flash animations on the internet and many of them get plenty of hype there, but not all flash animations are strictly made for the internet.

One famous example is Metalocalypse, yes, the dark humored creation of Brendon Small is animated with Flash. This is explained in the description to the video below. As the author of the video (who is one of the animators at Titmouse) describes how what programs are used to give Metalocalypse it's visual charm.

Besides that, got a lot of new content in the works right now. Roughly 4 animations, 2 large ones and 2 short ones. And I'm taking my sweet time with them until they are ABSOLUTELY done. Don't have a release date as of yet for anything, but will estimate sometime in the summer, at the latest.

Check out some of my Art to see clues to what you'll be in for.

Keep updated by following on me on Twitter, or subscribing to my YouTube channel (that is after checking out my content to see if you like it).

Famous Flash Cartoons on TV!

Posted by mohawkade - January 7th, 2012

While amongst an internet journey, I stumbled upon this animated masterpiece...

The the story and writing and lacking, the animation and artistic style definitely make up for that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to get acquainted with Fire and Ice (1983)! Click the link below to see part 1 of 4. Feel free to see the whole thing!

Fire and Ice

Besides that, I'm balls deep in a couple of Animations, one of which is really testing my patience and creativity, being several months in production now. See Recent Artwork and previous posts for clues.

Also got some new vids posted! Though one of them was reuploaded due to configuration issues with the YouTube 3D features, but you can view them below, Enjoy!

Last 2 Cartoons: ASDF Trains vs Turtles and Leo & Satan in 3D.

An Animation you must Tip your Hat to!

Posted by mohawkade - November 27th, 2011

The turkey holiday is just about done, and with it, I finally finished my latest project that has distracted me from some of my bigger animation projects (attached picture is related).

ASDF Skit: Trains vs Turtles

Essentially this is an ASDF skit battle between the "I like trains" kid and the "I like turtles" kid.

It's available to be seen here along with YouTube as well...

Besides that, bigger projects projected to be released next year! Read previous news posts for hints on what they are.

New Cartoon OUT NOW!

Posted by mohawkade - November 2nd, 2011

Why would I say that? Because I can make his cartoons in 3D!

I just recently finished and uploaded a small animation test featuring the lovable characters made from the warped minds of two Irish Chaps!

What makes it a test? It's my first attempt to see how a cartoon in stereoscopic 3D would look. So I'm posting it everywhere to get everyone's CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I may also upload it here on newgrounds, the catch is that it will only be in red/cyan anyglyph 3D, and in Black and White, as the red/cyan anyglyph glasses tend to contrast heavily against Satan's Red Skin and Leo's Blue Pajamas.

So let's open the floor to discussion, thoughts? Comments?



Posted by mohawkade - August 18th, 2011

Sure, some of you may be already thinking that you can use an SWF to Avi converter to do that. Which is fine, there's nothing wrong with that. But the thing I found with generic SWF to AVI converters is that they don't antialias your images very well. Meaning diagonal lines look very jagged.

Well I picked up a trial of After Effects to learn how to do some stereoscopic wizardry, and to my surprise, it actually imports SWF files! And not only can you add and resize your video in any resolution you want, but After Effects will automatically antialias it for you...

Unless you like jagged lines, which is cool... I guess, if you're going for a pixelated look.

And not to mention all the other cool things you can do with After-Effects to add to the look of your flash.

The following videos are some of my old projects remastered with After-Effects if you wish to view the results.

Warning: if you wish to try this, you may notice the lines on some of the characters are still pretty large, which can be a bit of an annoyance if you made your cartoon in a smaller resolution then blew it up.

Oh and lots of new content due out in October, a couple of animations and some more artwork. I'm also going to try and see if I can figure out a way to make SWF cartoons in Stereoscopic 3D before my trial expires.

Anyways, comment your opinion on whether you might consider this method or if there's a SWF to AVI converter that you'd prefer highly over After Effects.

How to Remaster your SWF files in HD and add Flare!

Posted by mohawkade - July 23rd, 2011

Still working on some more animation projects, but while I'm at it just created and posted a new video on YouTube.

...and I'm glad to say it's the world's first Airsoft video in Stereoscopic 3D! It was filmed while playing with the guys of Section 8 Airsoft in Allanton, Scotland.

If you don't have 3D glasses and don't feel like crossing your eyes, just switch it to 2D mode. Oh, and also got my previous animation "Patapon 4: Modern Warfare" on youtube as well, you can check it out here...

Besides that just work, work, work. The picture below is sort of a preview to the next project I'm working on, if there are a few hardcore anime fans reading this right now, try not to spoil it for the other folks.


3D AIRSOFT, Scotland!

Posted by mohawkade - July 8th, 2011

Just got back from a 2.5 week volunteership at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Visited a few other places as well and even got the play airsoft with the guys at Players of War in Falkirk, UK and Section8 near Shotts, UK.

You can even see me get my ass shot up in the video below, made by Scout the Doggie whom I had a chance to meet with during that game.

Anywhos, now that I'm back in front of my own PC, I can resume work on several new projects. There will be some animations here and there, along with some new art and comics, but I will also be posting up some Airsoft videos in Stereoscopic 3D (the first of their kind).

Meanwhile, you can check out some of the new artwork I posted to get a clue on what project's I'm currently undergoing.


New Art Posted, more Animations soon!

Posted by mohawkade - May 15th, 2011

It's here, exclusively on newgrounds! A sneak peak at the next Patapon series installment, take a step into the Modern Era of the Patapon world. Where EarthEnd is found, all opposing armies are vanquished and all hostile creatures are destroyed.

And in a world of peace, it doesn't take long for it's citizens to get stir-crazy.

In Patapon 4, you can fully customize your armies classes and weapons between ancient melee swords to modern assault rifles. Battle against opposing Patapon countries (including your friends) and claim the world for yourself!

...excited? Good, cuz it's fake!

Yep, needless to say I just created a solid and seamless Patapon parody comparable to a trailer. And it only took a little over 5 months to make. Though I would've submitted it earlier if it wasn't for a video contest about Bacterial Meningitis.

Speaking of which , you can view my submission to that contest here (might be submitting it here on newgrounds as well fairly soon), be sure to let me know what you think as well; and also don't forget to view and vote on my new submission of Patapon 4: Modern Warfare.

PATAPON 4 Trailer!